My Mexican Poncho Style

I will preface this with saying the local fashion scene here in Tijuana leaves much to be desired. Mostly because most people here don't have good taste or personal style which works out as a win for me personally. Why? Well, if people where real purveyors of style all these killer deals I find here weekly would not be cheap and B. so easy for me to find. The kinds of garments I find here at flea markets or selling on the street goes to show how little people care about style and more so go for comfort. I personally need to always go for both. way to dress up a Mexican style Poncho.

As much as some may do not put in effort into their personal style everyone wears fashion. Fashion is clothes. Style is personal. Like it or not. Your dressing the way you feel every day. I took inspiration today from all the tourista street shops here on Avenida Revolution and local Mexican made garments they sell here to foreigners. Usually overpriced for the quality but if you know …

Lost Angeles Flashback Friday Files

This has been quite an eventful week. I traveled back to LA for the first time since I moved to Tijuana over a year ago. LA used to be everything to me. It was my main source of inspiration for fashion, music and art. Since moving away it no longer holds that same appeal. I take LA now by bits and pieces. I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually really happy I made the move to Tijuana. At first I thought placing myself in obscurity was simply out of necessity to get away from all I was accustomed to before. Now, coming back home to write today's Blog I realize that Tijuana currently holds so much more than just self imposed isolation I craved at first.

Today's look was all ordered online via Aliexpress when I lived in LA. Going through all my old wardrobe was such a head trip. Your clothes really are the best timeline for your life. Wardrobe is always the biggest indicator of change. The majority of the clothes I had left in LA was a lot of mesh,tight dresses, ath…

To Maine With Love From Tijuana

I often like style to be inspired by places and sub cultures within those places. Some places I have never even been too (yet) but always wanted to visit. Today's look is inspired by all things Maine. Semi Nautical meets cool ocean air. If I was in Maine in winter this would be one of my go to looks. Since it's been bitterly cold here in the desert I can pull it off here too this season.

As I'm currently in the beautiful shit hole known as Tijuana, Baja California. What reminds me of Nautical style is the little Lighthouse we have here by the beaches where I live. Of course the lighthouse here is totally obstructed by border walls which ruins the structural aesthetic however adds as constant reminder of the tensions between Mexico and the USA.

Never the less the Lighthouse was the main (no pun intended...okay Pun intended!) inspiration and reminder of how much I still need to get to Maine one day. Eat authentic Lobster rolls and rent a place on the water for a weekend so I…

Revealing My Inner 70s Pornstar

Finally! I got to pull out my 70s porn star vest. I've been looking forward to styling this piece since I found it vintage shopping at the end of last Summer.

My look this week is heavily inspired by the character Candy in the series The Deuce. She is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. This is my favorite character in the show that takes a highly realistic perspective of the sex industry in the 70s set in a very grimy NYC. Pimps, Ho's and everything in between. I highly recommend this series it's smart and is one of the first shows to really highlight sex workers as humans with stories and excellent character development.

Candy even at her lowest points always put her best face on and foot forward. After getting assaulted by a John in a hotel room. Her face bashed to black blue and red she was back out on the street with full face of make up to cover the bruising. I think everyone can related to that feeling of physically going through trauma and somehow finding a way to get up …

Romy, Michele & Me

This week I pulled some inspiration from two of my favorite female characters in a comedy. Romy & Michele's High School Reunion. This movie was the epitome of short skirts, crop tops, long legs, faux fur & platform heels. It rivals Clueless for those obsessed with 90's fashion. 

This look was all about making it my own and adding a bit more coverage. I'm not a fan of bold colors. I decided to tone my gold antique print skirt down by framing it with black textured layers. As I've mentioned before in previous Blogs "Staying warm while looking cool". Key point this time of year with wind gusts in the desert and cold nights. I pulled most of my inspiration from these looks in particular from the movie below. Crop top and mini skirts. How adorable where they. Just take this in for a moment before we move on. The costume styling of this movie totally enraptured this era of  late 90's fashion.

This entire look I wore was all sourced locally here in Tiju…

90's Pleather & Sweater Weather

Thicker fabrics are such a staple when the temperature drops below 20 in the desert that is Baja California. Another thing that has become more frequent is pretty insane climate changes at a rapid pace. This week for example we had wicked winds up to 20mph in my area and torrential rain storms simultaneously. With that being said. I stayed indoors a lot this week and Uber was my lifeline to the outside world.

Yesterday's look was all about Pleather and Sweater weather. Pleather took off in the 90's yet still I find it such an underrated textile. What I love about Pleather specifically is that it provides you with a real leather look and feel yet it's washable at home on a low cycle. My leather dry cleaning bill can get pretty high this time of year when I'm staying cool while staying warm. To mediate that I highly suggest incorporating more Pleathers into your wardrobe this time of year. Even in the Summer it's a great textile as it doesn't hold as much heat ag…

Leopard, Leather & Easy Rider...

This week I didn't actually pull direct inspiration for my look from any one place in particular. More of an anti inspirational look if you will. I just really wanted to blend Leopard print and Leather together and make that look seamless. In this case faux leather that looks really fucking real.

Okay so I guess I did pull some inspiration as even anti inspo comes from somewhere right? Mostly from biker style. How could I update that look, make it modern, femme and chic all at the same time. Instead of the aged, withered, bandanna look that is just so predictably passe. So taking this for example and making it better was the main motivation behind this weeks personal styling. No better example than easy rider. Obviously minus the bike..for today at least..
I wore a cropped mesh Xhilartion top under Leopard applique faux leather overalls. Remember that brand from the 90's at Target? This top is from one of my favorite street shops in Playas but they get at on of off sales from …