Once Upon A Time In A Mexican Shithole...

One day Tijuana will be a distant memory for me. I'll remember how I used to walk the streets of this town feeling isolated and totally alone. I'll remember the streets and sidewalks full of man holes that could quite possibly kill you if your not watching your every step. 

The smell of feces that wafts through the air on the beach side of Playas de Tijuana. This is experienced on a daily basis due to the sewage drains not being closed/contained and spilling onto the streets. That worn old leather like skin of anyone over forty who has lived a hard life growing up in the one of the most toxic environments in the world. 

There will certainly be a lot to remember about this place. A lot of negative because it's mostly been negative living here. That's the reality of a Mexican border city that relies on the US dollar to survive. Yet for today this is still very much my reality and not yet a distant memory. So I might as well make it pretty!

My look today is very loosely …

The Anti-Christ With An Open Mind Walks Into A Church..

Recently in Tijuana I met these two young Missionary girls here from the U.S. It was while shopping at one of my favorite little vintage boutique's where I source a lot of my looks from called Creations of Lily. The boutique is an extension of an orphanage that is attached to the same building. All of the money made goes directly back to support the expenses of housing these little kids. I really love what they do for the community and that's why I shop there. 

After talking to these Sisters of Christ I was very surprised how open minded they where to people from all walks of life. I found that really cool that they where into what I was doing with the Metal Mouth Style and with my power tool performance art show despite our varied beliefs. A friendship began. We went out for tea a week later and then that lead me to a week later from that joining them for church on Sunday. Yesterday to be exact.

I didn't go to church because I was seeking god/religion. I went because the…

White Power or White Power Suit?

We live in dangerous times for one's mindset in 2019. Physically we're at the lowest level of overall violence we have been at in human history (despite what the news would like you to believe). However, mentally there is a full on war of the minds going on. One of the hottest subjects of the moment seems to be race every which way you turn. I've never been one to pull the race card. However, I feel it's important to turn negatives into positives even in the most obscure of ways. With that and with the resurgence of the "white power" movement I decided to bust out my white power suit for this week's look. Men and Woman alike can all benefit from having their one go to white power suit in their wardrobe arsenal. There is something to be said about a crispy blank white canvas that is truly powerful in all the right ways when done right.

In my case today I'm mixing both black and white to symbolize how beautiful the world of shades are when mixed togethe…

Sequins & Sneakers

For the longest time I've felt that you can only wear your sequins at night. Sequins are seen more as evening wear by most but not all. Yet as a textile they shine much brighter in the day so why must they be designated as evening wear or for special events? Today I wanted to give you a glimpse into one way to wear your sequins out and about in the day while still being casual enough to be comfortable. 

Style Hack: The key to today's look is pairing my sequin 2 piece with sneakers. I run a lot of errands everyday on foot. By choice because walking is some of the best exercise you can get. I do it was much as possible on the daily. At the same time we must enjoy making that extra effort to look our best and express ourselves through style even in our more casual life moments. One thing I'm not ever willing to do is sacrifice my comfort for a look or my look for comfort.

Outside of movie stars, and teen proms you rarely see women really get dressed up anymore. Athleisure wear…

Going To Morocco While Staying In Tijuana Because Morocco Hates Women

I'm currently standing outside of an i-Hop in Tijuana thinking what a damn shame Morocco is. I know. Random. This blazer is from Zara Morocco which has me thinking more about the place itself this week. It reminds me how classic & beautiful the prints are that come out of that region of the world. All I need to do is read the laws of the country and reviews of female travelers to know that Morocco is not a place I will go. Yet, it's a place clearly rich with food, textiles, and gorgeous architecture. Even if I had the dough to make the trip abroad. I wouldn't. I wouldn't until they update their archaic laws against women and undergo a culture shift that's more appropriate to 2019 not 900 B.C.

The only way we as citizens of the world have a way to truly vote is by putting our money where our mouth is. Even if that means sacrificing where we choose to travel. How can one be truly for equal rights if  you choose places to visit that still stone women in the street…

Fuck Coachella, This Is How To Be Desert Chic As A Local

It's that time of year again. That time of year when all the main-streamers leave the city and go to Coachella to see overly hyped pop acts, people you have never heard with some hip hop sprinkled on top play music in the desert. Yippeeeee

Nothing about this festival has ever appealed to me. Even less appealing as I've seen time pass and Coachella go from mostly indie rock/experimental acts having a place to shine to being mostly mainstream predictable pop music. With that also of course brings... terrible attempts at "alternative" style.
Exhibit A: Girl In Crop Top With Unicorn Mask Fist Pumping
However, there was one band who played Coachella this year that was somewhat of an anomaly. Los Tucanes de Tijuana. A Narco Ballad band from Tijuana where I current reside. Their music is a style that has been coined "narcocorridor". Mostly their songs celebrate drug traffickers and the narco lifestyle. Quite honestly probably the most authentic local desert band t…

Let's Get Horizontal, Then Let's Get Vertical At The Same Time

When it comes to personal style one of the best things to do is disregard the vast majority of the fashion do's and don'ts you see in magazines or hear from those before you. What I love about our current era is that you can really do your own thing now. Which is why this blog even exists in the first place. Fashion pundit's have had to go against their own grains just to stay relevant because times have changed so much in the last 20 years. Virtually none of the old rules apply. Today, we're looking into a visually appealing way to wear both horizontal and vertical stripes at the same time. A former cardinal sin in style.

This is how to do mix stripes safely while not looking like a car crash waiting to happen.
(P.S This is totally me driving. Which is why I Uber)
When mixing stripes it's all abut the pattern you choose. Are the stripes thick, thin, or do the vary in the same pattern? You want to ensure that you do the horizontal stripes on top. For striped pants…